Lady G'Diver

Jamaica's Best Diving

Thank you for your interest in our diving operation. Lady G'Diver (pronounced Ga'diver, a play on Lady Godiva) is located in the quaint Victorian town of Port Antonio at the new marina. This little known rustic paradise lies on the lush northeastern shore of the island, away from the hustle and bustle of the more popular tourist areas to the west.

We offer safe, comfortable diving without the usual complications of a large "cattle boat" operation. We are fully insured and licensed with the Jamaica Tourist Board. We have a staff of two Master Instructors and an experienced support staff.

Our dive tours depart the Errol Flynn marina at 10:30AM and we do two dives and return to port at approximately 2:00PM. We do not take more than six divers on a trip, and dives are arranged to complement each person's experience level. Each dive is accompanied underwater by at least one Dive Master, and usually one Instructor. The dive sites fan out to the east of the marina along the coast line to Winifred Beach for a total of approximately eight miles of interconnected coral reefs and walls. They average one hundred to three hundred yards offshore. All dives are drift dives, a very competent eagle-eyed boat captain is always there to pick you up when you surface. The surface conditions are normally calm and the water is a close constant 80 degrees. Dive sites average from 30 feet to 110 feet with visible drop-offs of over 300 feet. There is very little current or surges present. Visibility is normally 70 feet plus. Beautiful plants and fans, coral and reef life abound. Fish life is plentiful. We offer deep dives, photography dives and other specialty dives. We have some exciting walls, canyons, overhangs and swim throughs.

We are a very friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff who still enjoy mixing with dive people. Everything is laid back except the quality and safety of the dives.

We also offer Charter Fishing tours along the coast line and out to the Holmes Banks. We are very experienced at trolling and deep line fishing and can offer an exciting day of fishing. We are fully licensed and registered with the Jamaica Tourist Board and Tourist Product Development Company. See our Pricing page for costs.

Enjoy our video and come soon!