Lady G'Diver

Dive Sites

All of the dive sites indicated here are within the proposed Marine Park. Lady G'diver has already taken the initiative to treat and respect the dive areas as if they were an actual protected park. We appreciate your respect of the underwater as well. The following are basic descriptions of the various dive sites.

Trident Wall

A reef that begins at 60ft and drops as a wall to over 120ft. The wall is approximately 250ft long and then the site levels out to outcroppings of corrals and reefs. Plenty of barrel and vase sponge, black coral and numerous snapper varieties and small juvenile fish. Good visibility and minimal current.

Alligator West

A shallow dive with coral outcroppings and minimal current and ideal training or novice dive site.

Alligator Head

The beginning of a long defined reef starting at approximately 50ft with a coral floor and extending north into a forming of a wall on the outside, the top at about 60ft and the floor drops to 160ft. Lots of plant life with sea fans, underwater gorgornia, barrels, giant tubes and vase sponges in florescent like colors, orange tubes and large flower coral. Plenty of grouper, snapper, trigger fish, jacks, barracuda and numerous juveniles.

Alligator Deep

The continuation of Alligator head but becoming more defined on the wall and areas dropping off to over 160ft in depth. Same plant and fish life, but the drop-off with excellent visibility is amazing to observe.

Alligator Long

The farthest point of Alligator reefs. A nicely defined ridge that extends for a comfortable dive at twenty minutes at 80ft to 90ft. We have cultivated this reef for fish life and it is abundant. You are surrounded by all the area fish to include a large school of adult spade angel fish that will allow you to tag along with their precision formation drills.

Courtney's Reef

A beautiful dive approximately 50ft to 70ft with rolling hills, long sandy bottoms and some nice canyons. All covered with sponges, sea whips, sea fans, pillar coral and brain coral. Fished out by the locals but the scenery offsets this. Porpoise and giant sea turtles often come by for a visit through here and Fisherman's Reef.

Fisherman's Reef

A continuation of Courtney's reef as it comes into shallower depths. A lot of deep canyons, swim throughs, and a defined marking of the reef dropping into a long sandy desert floor.


A shallow dive just north of Blue Lagoon. A thermocline and mineral accumulation just at the surface from the fresh water spring makes for some beautiful color in this area. On good days, the visibility is forever, and there are a rainbow of colors in the coral, sponge, and plants due to the mineral deposits. Usually our friendly spotted eagle ray will swim by. A lot of overhangs of sheet coral that makes for great swim throughs with dozens of finger like canyons running perpendicular to the coast.

Dragon's Mouth

Right at the entrance of Dragon Bay. Very shallow with mostly sandy floor and no current to make for an excellent training or beginner site.

High Point

A sloping plateau of rough starlet, pillar, and mountainous star coral with a lot of various barrel sponges and sea fans. The depth runs 60ft to 80ft and follows a defined rim. Good visibility and little or no current.

Fairy Hill

A 50ft ridge drop-off, drifting on over to a beautiful solitary pinnacle that rises from a floor of 120ft to a peak of 60ft. The pinnacle is almost cylindrical with an average diameter of 60ft. It is teeming with coral, plant color, and many juvenile tropical fish. The dive tour is completed by going back to the ridge and continuing along a defined reef varying from 50ft to 70ft. Slight current, usually in the direction of the dive.

Two Houses

A deep 70ft to 110ft, long sweeping defined corral ridge with a few dead end canyons and a sandy floor. A nice sightseeing tour with brain coral, elliptical star and green cactus coral, again, plenty of barrel and giant tube sponge in all different colors.


A nice deep dive with outcroppings of coral, sandy bottoms, and no defined ridge. But it offers an array of different coral, plant, and fish life. A serene place to do a leisurely comfortable deep dive with little or no current and god visibility.