Lady G'Diver


Here are a few of the area attractions that will help to make your vacation very memorable and to give you something to do while you are not diving.

Rafting the Rio Grande

Climb aboard a 20ft. bamboo river raft for a 2-1/2 to 3 hour cruise down this beautiful slow moving river. Your raft captain will navigate the course, so your camera and you enjoy the mountain and river views. Ask your captain to navigate your raft through a narrow passage way known as Lovers Rock. Go swimming, eat lunch on the banks of the river, or at "Rafter's Rest", a restaurant, bar and souvenir shop at the end of the river. Then drop in at "Rio Vista Villas", a short distance from the river right on the main road, and enjoy a leisurely drink and beautiful view of the Rio Grande river and valley. accommodations also available.

Sommerset Falls

If you like waterfalls, this is definitely the place to go. Waterfall after waterfall and a great place to swim. This property was occupied by Spanish settlers over 400 years ago and many of the original aqueducts and dams built by them are still visible today. Some of the prettiest landscapes found in Jamaica.

The Trident Castle

Most people consider this one of the prettiest hotels in all of Jamaica. It's not a hotel at all, but a private residence. It can be viewed and photographed from the main highway.

Navy Island

This 64 acre island was once the hideaway retreat of the famous silver screen swashbuckler Errol Flynn. The island has three white sand beaches (one with swim wear optional) and one of the best reefs for snorkeling in Port Antonio. See the 18th century cannons at Fort George. Explore!

Frenchman's Cove

Once an exclusive hideaway for the rich and famous, this lush beach and crystal clear river was the setting for the movie "Lord of the Flies." Bring a raft or an inner tube and float the river. Order grilled lobster or chicken and have the waiter deliver it right to your lounge chair on the beach. Some say Frenchman's Cove is the most beautiful beach in Jamaica.

Reich Falls

The drive to the falls is gorgeous! As you pass through Errol Flynn's estate, ask your driver to point out where Mrs. Patrice Wymore Flynn still lives. Further on you will see Long Bay and the town of Manchioneal, a great place to buy live lobster or fresh fish. Reich Falls is unknown to most tourists and on some days you may be the only visitor. Don't forget your swimsuit.